What is mindfulness?

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What is mindfulness?

In today’s society, keeping up with the daily pressures of work, family and extra-curricular activities can lead to increased stress levels. Often in a fast-paced environment, prolonged stress can take it’s toll on the body with physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, breakouts, poor digestion and restlessness.

It’s no wonder that there has been a lot of talk about mindfulness in the health and wellness industry of late, but what does it mean and how can it help you?

Removing all of the hype, mindfulness is simply about paying attention to the present moment. Many people find practising mindfulness can assist with concentration, relaxation, productivity and increased ability to cope with life’s everyday hustle and bustle.

Starting to practice mindfulness can be a truly enlightening experience, whether you practice it by yourself or with the help of a guide.

Here are five easy ways to start practicing mindfulness:

1. Eat mindfully

Sit down, enjoy and focus on the food in front of you without multi-tasking. You may find that by eating slowly and mindfully you can appreciate the flavours and better listen to your body’s response to what you are feeding it.

2. Walk mindfully

Observe what is going on around you, sights and sounds to become aware of things you haven’t seen before.

3. Observe your breathing

We breathe naturally and rhythmically, once you start to pay attention to your breathing it will help you relax and slow down.

4. Listen wholeheartedly

Truly listen to what someone is saying without judgement and for the intention of understanding what they are trying to communicate to you. Relationships may deepen and grow as a result.

5. Observe your thoughts and emotions

Observe your thoughts and emotions, acknowledge them and decide if you need to react or just let it pass by you. By being mindful of your thoughts and emotions, you are better equipped to make the right choices in response to emotional “triggers” we receive in everyday life.

6. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, decrease cortisol levels and help you to develop mental clarity

There are many ways you can meditate. Salts of the Earth rooms allow you to sit quietly with your thoughts and focus on your breath. The lights are dimmed allowing for relaxation in a comfortable massage chair. You may choose to bring a guided meditation piece to listen to on your smartphone or tablet with headphones. Or you can just be at one with your own thoughts in deep or light meditation.

As one client- Toby says: “The follow-on effect was a huge decrease in anxiety. My anxiety also settled with the help of the 45 minutes of calming music and massage chair time”.

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