What salt is good for you?

Himalayan salt bowl

What salt is good for you?

Good news, you can still eat salt. Just make it GOOD salt.

Salt and vinegar chips. Salted caramel. Salt and pepper calamari.

There are so many delicious foods that involve salt, and yet we have been taught to avoid it, with health-nuts striving to cut sodium out of their diet altogether. In some ways, this is a good idea; table salt (which is 97% chemically produced Sodium Chloride, and 3% tables. Just kidding. But not about the chemically produced 97%…) is definitely not good for the ol’ body. It’s bleached, devoid of all nutrients, and the scary truth is; if you put a saltwater fish in a tank of fresh water mixed with table salt, they will die. And not from out of sheer pleasure. Table salt = bad news.

But here is the good news. You can still eat salt. Just make it GOOD salt.

When table salt was linked to a whole bunch of health problems – heart troubles, kidney problems, stroke – the whole concept of salt got a bad name. But good salt, such as pure Himalayan salt, brings a wealth of essential minerals and nutrients to the body. By using a bit of quality salt in cooking, the necessary sodium levels in the blood stream can be restored, helping with blood pressure, brain function, sleep health, kidney function, irregular heart beat, even cellulite.

CELLULITE, PEOPLE. After all these years of thinking we had to cut out salt to get rid of thigh dimples, it turns out, we might actually need to cut it back in.

Himalayan salt is the purest, most beneficial salt available, forming crystals for 200 million years in the Himalayan ranges. Sound like a treasure from a Disney movie? It sure does. And when you consider the 84 minerals available in a teaspoon of the Himalayan salt, you’ll know why.

So next time you’re standing over the stove, think about adding a pinch of salt. But leave the table salt in the cupboard. The laundry cupboard. Use it for cleaning and scrubbing, because that’s about all it’s good for. Instead, reach for a delicious sprinkle of Himalayan salt, and let your body absorb 200 million years of good health.

Salty high-five.

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