Perfect playlists for white, pink and brown noise

Perfect playlists for white, pink and brown noise

Did you know different sounds have different effects on your mental wellbeing? Some sounds can even help with anxiety and stress, increase focus and induce better sleep. 

The sounds of nature like falling rain and birds chirping can encourage relaxation. The hum of a bustling cafe can put us on a fast-track to our flow state. Ambient noise is great at way at coaxing our minds into certain states, especially as many of us find ourselves working from home or not being able to settle in for long hours at our local cafes. 

But the question is, how does ambient noise have such an effect on our wellbeing?  

When it comes to sleep, our brains benefit from a ‘consistent sonic environment’. The reason we’re woken up in the night – by your snoring partner, a barking dog, or a blaring car horn – isn’t from the noise itself, but a sudden change in noise. White noise, like the constant hum of an air-conditioner or the whirr of a fan, can create that consistency your brain is after, thereby minimising those pesky aural disturbances and helping you sleep longer and deeper. 

White noise is just one sonic hue. In its purest form, white noise sounds like the hiss of an unturned television set. On the other hand, pink and brown noise is much more palatable to the ear. Pink noise is similar to white noise except it has reduced higher frequency, making it a little more soothing than white (think steady rainfall or wind). Brown noise lowers the frequency further (strong wind or a rumbling river). And these noises are associated with relaxation, improved focus and sleep improvement. 

If you would like to introduce a steady stream of white, pink and brown noises to our day to help focus or destress; here are our favourite ambient-noise playlists.

Brown Noise Therapy – Comfortable Calm Noises (Loopable) 

The 10 tracks on this playlist run for no longer than a minute each but as the title says, it’s loopable so you can listen to the calming tones on repeat for as long as you need. Track titles range from ‘Fantastic Exhaustion Cure’ to ‘Miracle Dream Bringer’ and ‘Baby Calming Shusher’ – you get the picture. 

Coffee Shop Background Noise for Studying

Those who work their best amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy cafe will like listening to this hour-long playlist. Press play for clinking cutlery, inaudible murmurings, chair legs scraping across the floor, and the like.  

Rainforest Sounds 

Naturally relieve stress and anxiety, and fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, with the sounds of rivers, streams, birds and waterfalls. The 10-hour runtime will get you through a full working day, or help you’ll remain peacefully lulled as you listen overnight. 

Train sounds

This one is for those who prefer industrial sounds to those made in nature. Soothe yourself with the melodic rumble of a train as it ambles along the tracks. 

White Noise for Work

If you’re looking to run the gamut, this playlist includes all types of noise from rain sounds and tropical waves to smoothed brown noise. The beauty of this one is that most tracks are upwards of one-hour in length, allowing a good chunk of time for an uninterrupted focus session. 

Hit play, and let your imagination take you to a place of focus, calm or relaxation.  

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