How to Make the Most of Your Time At Home

How to Make the Most of Your Time At Home

With Melbourne going back into lockdown and many states keeping their borders closed, there is a growing level of uncertainty and anxiety being felt by many people. It is more important than ever to take good care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, especially those of us in lockdown. 
So how can we keep ourselves motivated to take care of our wellbeing and boost our immune system while making the most of this time at home?
There are many things you can do during this time, the most critical being to stay in your home to help reduce community transmissions but we also recommend using this an opportunity to slow down, to shift, to let go and to tend to what’s going on inside our four walls. So along with doing your part to help stop the spread, whilst you’re at home, here are some ideas of things you can do;

  1. Get into the kitchen and cook or learn how to cook (there are loads of free Youtube videos teaching you how to cook). Add immune-boosting spices like turmeric and ginger to your food to nourish and boost your immune system. Think winter warming curries and stews. 
  2. Listen to an inspiring podcast, so you can use this time to expand your knowledge or get lost in an audiobook. You can also listen to podcasts whilst you clean your house or do your laundry. 
  3. Make it a daily ritual to video call with friends and family. Now is the time to connect with those you love (virtually of course). It’s also a good time to check in with any vulnerable people in your life, who might not have help around them. A quick call or even a text to tell them you’re thinking of them can help brighten anyone’s day, especially if they are struggling with isolation. 
  4. Give your home a good clean! There is no better time then now to clean out and organise every drawer and cupboard and declutter every room. 
  5. Make time for meditation and mindfulness. Even 10 minutes a day of meditation will help your anxiety and stress shift and dissolve. There are some great apps that can help guide you through a relaxing meditation session. 
  6. Soothe your soul and muscles with a relaxing bath of Epsom salts and essential oils. Check out our range of Pharmaceutical Grade Salt Products perfect for your next bath.
  7. Get creative and try something new like painting, drawing, pottery or colouring in books, whatever creative pursuit interests you. Who knows, you might unlock a hidden Monet! 
  8. Get up and get moving. It’s super important you keep exercising to stay healthy and strong. Join up to a virtual gym, barre or yoga challenge and set a goal of doing a class in your living room at least 2-3 times a week.  
  9. Dust off those books on your bookshelf and read. We all have a book we’ve been saying we wish we had the time to read. Well now we do. Switch off the TV and cozy up with a cuppa.  
  10. Watch a comedy, romantic comedy or inspiring movie. Something that will lift your spirits and get you out of your iso funk. 
  11. Organise your phone and computer. This may sound tedious, but deleting all the old files, numbers, apps, etc on your desktop and phone is very satisfying. 
  12. Diffuse essential oils like Wild Orange and Peppermint to lift your mood or Lavender and Frankincense to calm your nerves and reduce your stress levels. 
  13. Get your green thumb out and plant your own herb or veggie patch. If you don’t have a backyard, get yourself some pots and decorate your balcony or indoor space. Greenery always lifts your mood and gives you something to nurture.   

As we continue to fight COVID-19 and do our part by staying home, it’s more important than ever to keep our immunities and both physical and mental health strong. Take this time at home to achieve maybe 2 or 3 things on this list. Stay safe and take care of yourself.   

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