Are Essential Oils Good For You?

Are Essential Oils Good For You?

Have you ever walked into a health shop, yoga class or massage centre and felt instantly more relaxed? You might be on to something. Often, it’s the essential oils floating gently through the air, giving an instant soothing affect on your soul. So why not recreate this in your own home?

There’s many ways to experience the benefits of essential oils in your home, depending on the oil. Some of them are safe enough to dab onto your skin – but make sure you do your research. Most are best wafting through the air. Treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser for best results. Otherwise, try ‘dry evaporation’ – dabbing a few oils onto cotton wool, letting them rest in a bowl in an open space, and gently reaping the results. Another option is to fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of oil, then use it as a room deodoriser (be careful spraying too close to furniture, just in case the oil leaves a mark).

Of course, if you want to get the most from your essential oils, team it with regular salt therapy. The two work together hand-in-hand – salt therapy can aid in respiratory and sinus function, making sure your body gets the most benefits from the essential oils you’ve got in your home.

So which oils are right for you? It depends on how you’re feeling, and how you want to feel. Have a look at the list below and see what tickles your fancy.

Lemon – Great for moods, a few drops of lemon oil in the air can lift your spirits in the best possible way. Lemon oil is known to have powerful antidepressant qualities, so a few dabs around your home should keep that smile on your dial.

Lavender – We’ve all heard of the old wives tales of lavender oil, but you know what? It’s true. Lavender oil has calming, immune-boosting, and anti-anxiety properties, so it will make you feel more peaceful and zen. It’s also great for assisting sleep. Dab a bit on your pillow, or let it diffuse next to your bed.

Eucalyptus – This Aussie classic is a not-so-secret weapon. It’s a good repellent for mozzies, flies and bugs, and it smells fresh and clean, so having a bit in the kitchen air can keep bugs away from the pantry. It’s also great for sinuses, so keep it handy in the winter months.

Peppermint – Not only does it smell delicious, it’s actually good for the mind. Peppermint can aid in clearing headaches, as well as assist in focus and concentration, memory, and soothing nausea.

Tea tree – It might smell a little bit like the first aid cabinet, but thats because tea tree oil can kill bacteria. If you’ve got a cold, inhaling some tea tree oil can do wonders for sinus infections and respiratory issues.

Freshen up your home with the use of essential oils, and you’ll feel calmer and more centred in no time. Most importantly: your home will smell fabulous.

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