Sore muscles from your resolution?

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Sore muscles from your resolution?

New year, new you? We’ve all been there. And there’s one place we all know that leads: sore muscles.

Whether it’s a 2017 resolution you’re actually sticking to (how do you do that?! Are you a sorcerer?!) or you’ve always been a gym junkie, a bit of relief from those aching muscles is just what you need.

Tart cherries. It sounds like a naughty nickname or a delicious dessert, but it’s neither. Tart cherry extract can be taken by capsule or by juice (if you like the taste) and has had proven effects on reducing muscle soreness. Long words like ‘phytochemical antioxidants’ are the reason behind this, but we won’t bore you. Get some tart cherry capsules to reduce muscle inflammation. Warning: cherry tarts, however, will not have the same effect. Dammit.

Salt Therapy. This is especially great for regular gym-goers. All you have to do is sit in a comfy massage chair in one of the salt therapy centers (or you can squat or plank, if you prefer…) and let the salty air do the rest. Pharmaceutical-grade salt is pumped through the air and the tiny salt particles may help reduce congestion and improve oxygen uptake, to assist with your recovery.

Coffee. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, if you drink a coffee – even two coffees, if your bladder can handle it – before your workout, muscles soreness and fatigue can be reduced by up to half. We wouldn’t recommend it before a slow yoga class though – you’ll be bouncing off the walls. Namaste.


So, if you’re pushing your body through some manic gym routine this year, make sure you treat it to some quality recovery time. But first, drop and gimme twenty, tiger.

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