How is salt therapy changing lives?

Women in salt room

How is salt therapy changing lives?

There’s whispering on the streets of Australia. Excited whispering. Two words, being passed along like a well-kept secret. Salt therapy.

You might have seen it online, or caught a glimpse on one of the morning shows. Perhaps you’ve had a friend with newly-glowing skin telling you about its’ benefits. Or perhaps you haven’t heard the word at all. You better catch up, then.

Everyone is talking about Salts of the Earth, the salt therapy centres popping up in metropolitan areas around Australia. From Megan Gale to Luke Hodge, Australia’s finest are hooked.

Before we show you just what people are saying about salt therapy, here’s a quick run-down of the process. You sit in a reclining massage chair in a quiet, relaxing room for 45 minutes, while breathing in the pharmaceutical grade salt being pumped through the air.

That’s it.

The properties of the natural salt bring a wealth of health benefits, from clearer sinuses to better breathing, from glowing skin to improved sleep.

So what are people saying about it?

Erin Nicholson, a client on the Intensive Management Plan, says “for 5 weeks I was struggling with sinusitis. I was blocked up, had pain in my ears, nose and throat. I tried salt therapy for 5 days straight and I cannot believe the change. My pressure headaches have gone and no pain in my ears. I can breathe better and I’m sleeping much better as well! I loved the salt therapy and would definitely recommend having a go at it.”

And don’t forget about the kiddies.

“My daughter Jasmine, who is 8 years old, has had a consistent cough for about 9 months now.” Says Meegan George on a Child Management Plan. “I turned to Salts of the Earth as Jasmine mentioned to me that she had a salt lamp in her school room that helped minimize her cough. The results have been amazing. After Jasmine’s first session and a salt lamp in her room I saw a marked reduction in her coughing, she was sleeping better and felt better too! I also love going with Jasmine to Salts of the Earth as I find the sessions very relaxing – a great treat for us busy parents!! The staff are wonderful and very welcoming, especially to children. I would recommend Salts of the Earth to anyone with respiratory issues.”

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