Salt and watch them sleep.

baby in blankets

Salt and watch them sleep.

The only thing cuter than a child, is a sleeping child. Right? Right.

No one appreciates a good night’s sleep more than a parent. Especially the parent of a child who doesn’t sleep through the night. Whether your child is tossing and turning, or getting up regularly to burrow their way under your blankets, or just not feeling rested each morning, it’s not fun for Mum and Dad.

But here’s the good news: a bit of natural salt therapy can help them nod off to the land of dreams for hours.
Salt therapy in itself is very relaxing. The Salts Of The Earth centres have rooms for kids, in which they can sit in comfy chairs, build castles on salt-covered floors, or even watch a movie. While they are in the room, they are breathing in pharmaceutical-grade salt particles pumped through the air. It helps open up their little airways, making them less decongested for their sleep at night – which is often a physiological reason for their body waking up, even if they claim it’s because they ‘just can’t sleep’.

A regular customer, Stacey, found a huge difference for her daughter Frankie. “The first time we took her she slept through the night for the very first time and I thought it was a fluke, but then for 3 nights in a row she slept right through. We went away last weekend and didn’t take her, and she was back to waking once a night. Took her yesterday and then bang – slept through the night last night! It’s the best! I’m taking her every day or every second day from now on.”

Salt therapy is a natural way to improve your child’s breathing and help their body to relax better at night, so they may get a more peaceful sleep.

Even better, so YOU may get a more peaceful sleep. Finally. Night, night.

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