New Year’s resolutions you won’t break

New Years Resolution 2019

New Year’s resolutions you won’t break

New Years is a great time for a refresh, renew your commitments or to try something new, especially when it comes to your health. But there’s nothing worse than getting to February and finding that you’ve already failed before even starting. So here’s a list of healthy resolutions to start your New Year that you may actually be able to keep. Good luck!

  1. Put on sunscreen every day! Skin cancer in the most common cancer affecting Australians. While sun exposure is great for vitamin D, getting too much is a risk no one should take. Plus, keeping your skin protected will help slow down the aging clock.
  2. Commit to one food substitute, like popcorn instead of chips or dark instead of milk chocolate, when you need something naughty.
  3. Go to bed an hour earlier. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of shut-eye a night for adults. So turn the TV and phone off and drift off to help your body recharge.
  4. A good offence is the best defence. Start regular salt therapy at Salts of the Earth to keep you and the whole family healthy in 2019. Don’t wait until you’re bed bound and coughing up a lung. Salt therapy is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to help keep bugs at bay.
  5. Sign up to one fitness event right now. Do it. Make it something attainable but also a stretch, 5k fun run, beginner triathlon, a short meditation course. But sign up, put some cash down and then tell people you’re doing it!
  6. Meal prep like a boss. A lack of preparation has led to many healthy-eating downfall. Batch cooking at home is the perfect way to stop those Uber orders during the week and make sure you’re getting all your healthy food groups.
  7. Drink more water. This is an easy win, good for your skin, fills you up and is free. Make it easy for yourself. Keep a water bottle in your handbag, have one at your desk, in your car, make it fool-proof!
  8. Take your lunch breaks, or at least take more than you currently do. Eat in the sun or go for a walk. This is great for the mind and helping you de-stress.
  9. Try and curb your phone habit even just a tiny bit. Beware the zombie hand, if you look down and can’t remember why you picked it up then it’s time to change things. But you can still use your phone for productive things…
  10. Give yourself mini check-ups every month to see if anything’s changed. Monitor things like your moles, skin, or breasts for anything that seems off, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor and bring it up.

Good luck, even if you only manage one that’s still an achievement! Celebrate all of the wins and rope in your buddies to keep you accountable.


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