Natural remedies to beat flu season

Cold and flu woman

Natural remedies to beat flu season

Listen carefully. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of tissues being pulled out of their boxes around the country.

Cold season is here. Hooray.

You know the usual drill. Vitamin C, chicken soup, warm blankets. But here’s a few unusual natural remedies and cold prevention techniques that may just surprise you. Here we go.

1. Garlic shot.

Look, it’s a bit intense, but give it a go. Take 1-2 very finely minced cloves of garlic and stir them into a small glass of water, then throw it back. It won’t be as fun as a Tequila Slammer, but it will definitely have a better outcome. The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic can help knock a cold on the head – but don’t do it before any big dates, garlic-breath.

2. Exercise

Unfortunately for us lazy couch potatoes, exercise is proven to be one of the best immune system boosters. If all you can manage is a brisk walk, then do it. The hardest part is getting out the door, so throw on a good podcast and promise yourself a warm bath when you get home.

3.  Oysters

We’re not trying to boost your intake of aphrodisiacs here. Oysters are super high in zinc, a mineral that has been proven to boost the immune system. But before you go chewing on a zinc stick, think about the foods that are naturally high in the all-important mineral – including oysters, spinach, beef, kidney beans, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and best of all… dark chocolate.

4. Salt

If you’ve developed the sniffles, a great way to help relieve your symptoms is salt therapy. Relaxing in a comfy massage chair while breathing in the pharmaceutical grade salt can assist lung function and clear your sinuses. The natural properties of the salt can not only relieve your cold symptoms, it can help to boost your immune system too.

To help your body through this season, mix a garlic shot in an oyster shell while jogging to your nearest salt therapy centre (or something like that). Most importantly: take care of you. Stay warm, stay hydrated, stay healthy. We like you that way.

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