Banish hay fever with salt therapy

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Banish hay fever with salt therapy

Spring is upon us. Can you hear it? Lambs bleating. Birds singing. Trees blowing in the gentle breeze. And what’s that noise?
Yep. Spring is definitely here. And so is hay fever.

If you are a sufferer of hay fever, you will know the horrors of a new spring. There are more than 10,000 species of grass throwing pollen at your nose. There are trees and flowers lurking around every corner, waiting to tickle your sinuses. Each gentles breeze brings a whole new wealth of allergens.

Fun times. Fun, fun times. But here’s the good news:
A very simple, enjoyable natural therapy may help alleviate symptoms and reduce the severity of the sneeze-y season. Salt therapy.
If you’re a sufferer of hay fever and haven’t tried salt therapy, this could be the relief you’ve been searching for. Salt therapy involves sitting in a comfortable massage chair in a relaxing room, while pharmaceutical grade salt is pumped through the air. Salt may help cleanse the airways of pollen, dust, spores and other allergens.

Before you are tempted to cut off your own nose just to stop it itching (we’ve all been there), give salt therapy a go. Think about it: how often would you get hay fever when spending a day at the beach? There’s something in that salty air. And if you can do it from the comfort of a massage chair, even better.
Happy spring season. Best of luck to you, sneezers.

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