Five tips for healthy skin


Five tips for healthy skin

Skin. It’s the body’s largest organ, and probably the one that brings us the most day-to-day drama. You know those days – the ones when you have an important presentation at work, and you wake up with Mt Everest on your forehead?

The best you can do is take good care of yourself. There’s all the regular stuff – eight glasses of water a day, removing make-up before sleeping, using organic skin products – but what about the other stuff? Are there any secrets you might be missing? Have a look at this list, and you might be inspired to conquer Mt Everest (to be clear, we mean the odd pimple on your forehead. Actually climbing Mt Everest will take expertise we do not have. And probably will be a bit rough on your skin. Anyway…)

5 unusual tips for skin health.

1. Keep your hands off.
This isn’t just in regard to fighting the temptation to squeeze pimples (yes, yes, we all know it leaves scars… but it’s just so satisfying!). Keeping your hands away from your face during the day will guarantee to keep your skin cleaner and more clear. Bacteria, dirt, allergens… your hands will transfer all kinds of nasties to your vulnerable face pores. So, no more leaning your chin on your hand, and definitely no more picking at your face when you’re sitting idly. Leave it alone. No touchies.

2. No more long, hot showers.
Despite the fact that it’s a bit rude to the environment, nothing beats a long, hot shower or bath. But if you want to keep your skin glowing, they’ve gotta go. Hot water strips oils from the skin, which ages the skin faster. So turn off the taps. At the very least, you’ll be saving your skin, if not the planet.

3. Vitamin C.
Did you think Vitamin C tablets were only good for colds and flus? Think again. Vitamin C helps boost healthy collagen in the skin, reduce the appearance of brown spots and sun damage, and reduce inflammation and irritation. Also, it tastes like an orange lolly. Why not?!

4. Flip over.
Hanging your head upside-down is widely thought to bring benefits to facial skin, by increasing blood circulation to the face. Even better – do a yoga class. There’s a reason everyone looks floaty and glowing when they’ve committed to yoga. Not only will you get a healthy glow to your face, you’ll be nice and bendy too.

So there you have it. Four unexpected tips to help preserve that gorgeous face of yours. Show it some love. You both deserve it.

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