Clear your skin this spring!

Eczema testimonial

Clear your skin this spring!

“Last year all of a sudden I had severe eczema after changing jobs. I was covered head to toe and couldn’t manage my body heat. For a few months I tried creams, tablets, change in foods and diet …….everything I could think of! It was recommended I needed to start UV treatment and continuous use of cortisone creams.

Instead I started salt therapy. I came three times a week for over 6 months and now have no reactions or rashes except the odd itch if I’m hot.
I’m so grateful I tried this and cannot believe my results. No more tears, cortisone creams or skin problems! Thank you Salts of the Earth!”
– Sarah (Ongoing Management Plan)

Don’t let your eczema symptoms rule your life. Discover how salt therapy could help you so you can live better, just like Sarah.

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