5 handy tips to silence the snorers

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5 handy tips to silence the snorers

Snoring. Endless, relentless snoring. It’s enough to end a marriage, let alone ruin a good night’s sleep. If you are sleeping next to a snorer (or NOT sleeping, more likely) you’re probably ready to either remove your own ears, or do something about it.

Here’s a few tips if you want to get your snorer to pipe down. Try these… before you push them off the bed.

1. Pump them with fluids.
Dehydration creates stickier fluids in the airways, specifically in the nose and soft palette. Make sure your snorer is getting enough fluids throughout the day (an average of about 2.5 litres). Sure, they might need to pee during the night… But that’s their problem. At least you’ll get some sleep.

2. Get them to a Salt Therapy session.
Regular salt therapy sessions may help relieve snoring. The salty air can help open the airways and relieve congestion, making for a better night’s sleep for everyone.

3. Back off.
People who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore. Roll your snorer onto their side for some relief. They won’t stay there? Get creative. Tape tennis balls or drawing pins to the back of their pajamas. Or better yet, buy a body pillow they can snuggle into, making it easier to maintain the side position.

4. Get moving.
Weight gain can contribute to snoring. As can weak muscles. Regular workouts will not only encourage better sleeping at night, but can strengthen the neck and throat muscles, creating stronger airways. Stronger airways = less snoring = better marriage.

5. Find the cause.
If your snorer is snoring with their mouth closed, the problem might be with the tongue. If they have their mouth open, it’s more likely to be in the airways or throat. If they only snore on their back, lifestyle changes (such as all of the above) may assist the problem. If they always snore heavily regardless of position, have a chat to your doctor in case it’s something more serious.

A good night’s sleep changes everyone’s perspective. So if your snorer is keeping you awake, try some salt therapy sessions, a body pillow, and an appointment with your GP.

Before you end up smothering them with a pillow…

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