Thank you to all our wonderful clients who have shared their story of finding relief.

This is a selection from the hundreds of heart-warming testimonials and reviews we have received from clients over the years. Please remember that results can be different for each person and, like many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, consistency is key. Salt therapy should be viewed as an ongoing therapy to be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

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Salt Therapy is the best discovery and I thank my friend for the introduction. I love coming as part of my self-care ritual, my sinuses have been saved and my children have thoroughly embraced the experience. Thank you ❤


My little piece of paradise every day. My skin is now glowing and it’s thanks to this amazing little secret. I highly recommend to everyone. Thank you. 


Helped greatly with a cough that wouldn't go away. Friendly staff and an interesting experience as you walk into a white wonderland.


Lovely place all round, the staff and the relaxing salt rooms are just what me and my daughters need in our life of wellness.


Such an amazing experience! The service has been absolutely amazing, very informative consultation and excellent knowledge. The session itself was very relaxing and highly recommend it to anyone. 


Just getting back to the salt room after a short break and feeling great again.


Friendly staff and we enjoy going to the Salts of the Earth as we are seeing results with our daughter who has eczema.


The team here is amazing, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The kids room is fantastic plenty to keep little ones occupied for the 45 min session.


Fantastic service and great session today with the kids while they watched a movie and reaped the benefits of the salt, excellent establishment which I would highly recommend.


My kids and I love this place. The adults room is the ultimate with massage chairs and relaxation music. My kids aged 5 and 9 years absolutely love the family room with Netflix and toys to play with in the salt. Nice way to calm them down in school holidays.


What a great place to sit, relax, listen to music or have a snooze whilst breathing the salt in to clear the airways, clean the lungs and get my skin looking its best.


We are always welcomed by the girls with the friendliest smiles and so amazing towards our toddler, after a month we are finding the salt room so beneficial for all of us! 


Very professional staff and very caring towards my two small children.


Love the results from the therapy ... would highly recommend.


Really helping my bubba breathe easy! Had a burst of croup in the cold winter and started salt sessions instantly... the wheezing went in a few weeks and never had another burst of croup again! Great play area for kids! Lovely staff!


Very relaxing, salt therapy helped with my bronchitis. Highly recommend.


The team are lovely and the rooms are clean and have massage chairs (a bonus).


I have loved my Salt Therapy sessions. The girls and the team are professional and helpful. I thoroughly recommend the Salt Therapy and have noticed improvement with my throat and chest infection. Leeann


Fantastic and relaxing. Such a great birthday present from my awesome partner


The staff there are very friendly, helpful and accommodating. Very happy here!


Friendly and helpful staff, excellent kids room with toys and entertainment to make it a pleasant experience for kids, amazingly relaxing adults room .. all whilst enjoying the amazing benefits of salt therapy!


Fantastic experience. Highly recommend.


The team are lovely and the service is always immaculate. Our 3 year old son loves going “to the salt room”! The lovely tee per tent in the kids room provides lots of fun! Thank you everyone ❤❤❤ 


Salts of the Earth was an amazing experience!!


Well I am back again after a long break. l miss the place and the lovely girls that work here. I’m back for 4 week so far and I still feel good.


First time at salt rooms and loved it 🙂 Can’t wait for more.


Salt treatment has been brilliant for my asthma. Very professionally run by friendly staff.


Deciding to try salt therapy was the best decision to treat my asthma and allergies. After a year of treatment, my breathing has improved considerably. I rarely take meditation and can exercise again.


I have suffered with allergic asthma for 40 years. I started with Salts of the Earth about 5 months ago, usually 3 visits a week. I have noticed much improved breathing and mobility.


After just several weeks of treatment my asthma has significantly improved and the day-to-day use of my medications has greatly reduced. Wonderful and helpful staff.


Since using salt therapy on a consistent basis my asthma has vastly improved.  I’m able to breathe more clearly and have fewer flare ups during sport.  I recommend the therapy as an addition to asthma medication use.


My daughter Elita has suffered with asthma since she was 2 years old. We started using salt therapy and we have seen a big improvement. Comment from school “we’re not seeing you a lot in the sickbay with your asthma!"


After having severe asthma, I found relief after just a couple of salt sessions. Continuing with persistent sessions (about 4+ per week) I saw significant benefits. This therapy, in conjunction with my regular medication has meant the renewal of an exercise routine, which was impossible for the past 6-12 months.


I was recommended this place after looking for an alternative solution to help my son with his asthma and ongoing respiratory issues. We saw massive improvements the following weeks. Had a week off and his coughing is back so back we go. Can't recommend this place enough.


Before attending regular salt sessions, I was unable to breathe properly while I was running. I had asthma like symptoms and found it very difficult to catch my breath. I no longer gasp for air when I run and I have noticed a huge difference in my running.


Salts of the Earth have helped my chest congestion and asthma issues.


Has helped my son with his skin condition and asthma!


After three week’s I'm already noticing improvement for my asthma so far as loosening congestion.


After an endless run of coughs, snot and asthma we heard rave reviews from several friends about salt therapy so we decided to give it a go. After a few sessions, to my great delight, the coughs had stopped, the asthma was improved and we no longer needed to use puffers on a daily basis.


As a chronic asthmatic and sinusitis sufferer relying on cortisone for most of each year just to breath, Spring days with wind and pollens were always a tough time for me. The transformation since my weekly visits to Salts of the Earth have been nothing but truly amazing. No cortisone for past sixteen months, asthma medication not needed and windy, pollen filled Spring days not a problem. Words cannot truly explain how much better I feel these days.


I have been an asthmatic since early childhood. A friend of mine had suggested I give salt room therapy a try. The salt room therapy has made an amazing difference to my quality of life. It has worked for me. Maybe it can work for you too.


My son, Liam, has had horrible respiratory issues for almost a year. After being diagnosed with Asthma/Hay Fever and put on both preventative inhalers and Ventolin, we found a wealth of scary side effects. I found Salts of the Earth and was absolutely stunned when his severe wheezing had totally stopped after just the 2nd visit. He is now a picture of health and happiness and I’m so glad we found this fabulous therapy.


I seem to get colds regularly, which take me days to recover from. However, now I’m using salt sessions to reduce the number of colds and speed up my recovery. It really helps fight the cold when symptoms start. I’ve noticed a big difference.


Very friendly and helpful. The salt therapy was relaxing and most effective. For the first time in years, I made it through a whole winter without a dose cold, flu or bronchitis.


Has helped my cough and congestion so much.


When I started my journey with them I was getting over a pretty nasty cold and I could see results after just few visits. I recommend them to everyone, especially parents with little kids.


I began salt therapy to ease the very heavy cough which the flu left in its wake. I'm delighted to say that within 3-4 weeks my dreadful cough was no more. An unexpected side benefit has been that this therapy affords me a wonderful source of deep relaxation.


This place was recommended to me by my sister in law because my 8 month old baby had a bad cold (nose running non-stop and terrible chesty cough). She couldn’t sleep at night because of blocked nose and bad coughing fits. After 5 sessions in the kids room she is 90% better, but she slept through after first session.


The salt treatment room is so relaxing with comfortable massage chairs and tranquil music. The salt therapy treatment always clears my nose and ears and is so relaxing.


Had a wonderful session after suffering from congestion. Found the experience very relaxing and my congestion cleared quickly.


The relief from the sniffles was just a bonus. The feeling of being able to relax and tune out was the best!


I have a child with special needs who regularly got coughs and colds in winter. We have been going 3 days a week for about 7 weeks and the results are amazing. Her sleeping has improved, her cough had gone after about 2 weeks. We have been a cold free household this winter.


I think I was one cold/ear infection away from quitting work because the Day Care illnesses were causing so much stress and pain, then I found this place and my life improved.


My breathing has improved since the flu and I’m finally getting a good night’s sleep. Highly recommend for general wellness too.


After having a persistent winter cough for years and always being bogged down with the flu, I trialled Salts of the Earth. I felt dramatic improvement and even my work colleagues noticed a difference.  The cough was always particularly bad in the mornings and evenings, now it is barely there. Since attending Salts of the Earth, I’ve also successfully managed to avoid any type of cold or flu this winter.


Salt therapy has improved Tobias’ breathing and lessened the amount of colds he’s had this season. The lovely staff have also made us feel so comfortable and really taken the time to form genuine relationships with us. Thank you so much for everything! 

Caitlyn – parent of Tobias

We started coming to salt therapy after my son kept waking up during the night with a persistent cough. After weeks of sleepless nights and a couple of trips to the doctors a friend told me about Salts, so we decided to give it a try. After the first week (3 visits) we had no more 3am coughing! We noticed that anything he caught at day care didn't stick around at all thanks to our regular salt sessions.


My daughter and I have had recurring coughs through winter. Visiting the salt rooms has helped alleviate this and I have definitely seen improvements in overall health for both of us.


After 3 weeks of having a constant cough & the doctor saying at the first week that it would pass, I woke in the middle of the night coughing profusely. I simply couldn't continue without any assistance and sent an enquiry to Salts of the Earth. Within 3 sessions I was completely cleared of coughing! The remainder of the sessions were fantastic for relaxation & unwinding after a long day at work.


I am such a fan of my local Salts of the Earth. Both my children always need to take medication for hay fever but this year has been our first year without taking a single antihistamine.


Very relaxing and staff are great. Finding my allergies are slowly declining. Breathing better. Sleeping better.


Salt therapy was great for helping my chest infection and hay fever. I would recommend to it anyone who suffers from these.


Have been going now for about 6 months and I love it, it has helped my allergies heaps.


Amazing service. Beautiful and relaxing surroundings as you breathe in the goodness of salt therapy. My kid’s allergies have been alleviated and have never slept so soundly. I love it.


Loved it! It was great to be able to have some time out from my busy schedule to relax and look after me. I have noticed that my hay fever has eased. 


Salt Therapy is Fantastic! I found it a great way to wind down and relax after work. After only a couple of sessions my irritating Hayfever was gone and I was sleeping much better. Early morning wake ups became a breeze. 


After battling hay fever for years and taking brand after brand of pills and sprays to stop the itchy eyes and sneezing, I finally found Salts of the Earth. I haven’t had to take any pills or sprays for the last six weeks and can’t remember my last hay fever attack.


I mainly started here for my 4 year olds hay fever.  He was getting it so bad that his eyes would swell daily and I was giving him antihistamines and eye drops daily. Since starting salt therapy I haven't had to give him antihistamines at all 🙂


I've suffered from severe allergies all my life and nothing has worked until I tried salt therapy. Since staring salt therapy my allergy attacks have gone from daily to now monthly. Have noticed a major difference in my breathing and overall wellbeing. Thank you to the team at salt therapy for helping me through it all!! Highly recommended!!  


Love this place! After suffering from intense hayfever that seemed to be getting worse every year, I finally went to Salts of the Earth.  After a month, I no longer take antihistamine, I wake up rested and no longer have sinus headaches. I feel calmer every time I leave their tranquil rooms and I often fall asleep on their comfy massage chairs. I recommend this place to everyone! It has given me my quality of life again!


I’ve been coming to Salts of the Earth for about three weeks now and I no longer have itchy eyes or a runny nose and I no longer have to take hay fever medication!Would highly recommend it. It is very relaxing and I always have a nanna nap and massage in the massage chair.


As the Head of Sports Science at the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, I contacted Salts of the Earth for testing Salt Therapy on some of our players who suffer badly from sinusitis, hay fever and asthma. During our Premiership winning season in 2012, we utilised the therapy for player’s relief from these conditions, but also recovery sessions, and after interstate travel. I can certainly say that Salt Therapy had a noticeable effect on the players during this successful season.


I started salt therapy to help with my recovery after soccer games and training. As a competitive sports player, I’m always looking for a way to improve my performance. I could not believe how much quicker my body recovered after rigorous training and how much it has improved my breathing. Highly recommend if you’re active every day or want to improve your lung capacity.


I started sessions to prepare for my first powerlifting competition.  After a week of intense sessions I was breathing better, training harder and getting the best night’s sleep ever.  As a personal trainer I would thoroughly recommend Salts of the Earth to any of my clients who want the best from their respiratory system.


I initially attended Salt therapy to help ease my asthma symptoms, which disappeared in the first 10 days. Attending regularly for around 6 weeks now, I have also noticed an increase in my sports performance and my ability to recover from a heavy training schedule has really improved! I'm addicted!


I was diagnosed my pneumonia mycoplasma (fluid on the lung), 4 weeks out from the Melbourne Marathon. Expected recovery time was 8 weeks. Using salt therapy, I was able to lift enough fluid from the lung and completed the marathon. It is a great way to relieve congestion but also a relaxing experience.


Amazing experience! Strongly recommended after work out or intensive exercise. Feeling very relaxed! Skin condition has improved after and muscle soreness completely gone. Absolutely loved it.


For my entire life I have suffered from asthma. Luckily one night, a family member recommended that I should try salt therapy. I maintained a routine which included 45 minutes of salt therapy most days a week. For the first time in my adult life I could breathe without shortness or the asthmatic wheeze. In February 2017, I completed a trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, which was a round trip of 150km at high altitude, and not once did my asthma return.


A little wellbeing oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Love the personalized service, friendly staff and most of all the relaxing salt therapy session. Looking forward to the best sleep tonight!


Breathing and calming my body for 45mins was such a beautiful gift to give myself.


My anxiety has settled with the help of the 45 minutes of calming music and massage chair time. Toby


What a wonderful way to totally relax and have some well-deserved me time while improving your health.


It is a place where I can go and sit, there is no kitchen sink, no washing to hang up, food to prepare and no computer or phone interruptions. It has given me more energy and cleared my head and breathing so I can think more clearly. Just what I needed after a sleepless 4 years!! We all love coming to Salts, it is a way of life for us now.

Anonymous (by request)

The staff are lovely and the sessions are so relaxing. It's nice to take some time out of the day to simply sit still and breathe in an ambient environment.


I always feel relaxed after a session.


A wonderful way to start a stress-free day surrounded by caring staff. Thank you.


Had my first salt room experience today and it was amazing. So relaxing. Highly recommend. The staff are amazing as well. Very welcoming. 


It was an amazing experience. It was dark and quiet and relaxing and healing. I definitely recommend it!


It’s so calming also and is great for my anxiety. Everyone needs to try this!!!


This therapy has helped so much with healing the soul and body.


Amazingly relaxing and therapeutic, and so peaceful.


I’m enjoying the relaxing and peaceful 45 minute sessions to take some time for my mental health as well as my physical health, the ladies are so lovely and always have a smile on their faces. I waited so long to try it and regret not trying it sooner!!


I find the sessions at salts of the earth very therapeutic & restorative.


Just had my first session at Salts of the Earth. What a great way to relax & unwind after a busy day at work. Highly recommend.


I had a nice relaxing session in a peaceful tranquil room. Great place to sit back enjoy the massage chairs and just breathe in the salts.


Very relaxing and energising. I felt clearer after the first session looking forward to going back.


We both felt benefits almost immediately. The air smelt crisper, snoring abated, sleep improved and people commented on ‘how well we looked’. All that aside, the 45 minutes in the salt room is like a daily meditation experience. Snuggled under a blanket, muted lights and soft music, who could ask for more? 

Jill & Colin

It was amazing. I have awful sinus issues and was recommended here. It has helped me so much, as well as made me feel more relaxed. Thank you!


I have chronic sinusitis for many years, since going to salt therapy l have lost that pressure feeling... amazing.


I have had great results from Salt Therapy, I have had sinus issues for years & the pressure was terrible. Now pressure free & the relaxation time is great too.


I had sinus pain till I started here and now I can sleep at night and breathe easier thanks to Salts of the Earth ❤❤❤


Salts of the Earth has been absolutely amazing and has really assisted me with my sinus. Thank you for all your support!


My breathing has improved so much and my sinus problems have gone.


100% LOVED IT!!! Extremely beneficial for my overall health, I did the a 13 week program and I have NOT been sick for months & months (I suffer terrible sinus infections)!


I’ve had 4 sessions in the kids room to help my sinus infection and I can actually breath through my nose now. AMAZING! I’ve had sinus going on 10 years now and if I can treat it without drugs I will. I love it and my 9 month old enjoys playing in the room as well.


For most of my life I've experienced sinus trouble and congestion in the mornings, so I decided to try salt room therapy. The difference is amazing! It is rare now that I wake up with a sore throat or stuffy nose, and I feel as if I have more energy in the day. Thank you again!!!


My time to totally relax and enjoy the benefits of the salts. My sinus headaches have gone after many years of medication and pain. Also helpful when I have a cold as it breaks down the congestion and helps me to recover more quickly. I love it.


Very helpful and friendly. I found that my sinus infections were less after attending sessions.


After 2 failed courses of antibiotics and feeling awful I have started at Salts of the Earth for my sinuses. They told me it won’t work straight away... but I can definitely say after only 2 sessions I can already feel a difference.


I have been coming a few times a week to Salts of the Earth for the past 6 weeks, I have found I am sleeping better of a night time and the reoccurring sinus issues and build-up of phlegm is almost gone!


Extremely relaxing and tranquil. Staff is fantastic. Not only does it help you breathe much better but your skin feels great too. Highly recommend.


Started going there to try and heal my chronic sinusitis. Have definitely noticed a difference after about 12 sessions. The owners and staff are so lovely and accommodating. 😍😍


I was recommended by a friend the benefits of salt therapy and desperately wanted a solution for the pain I was suffering thanks to acute sinusitis. I have not looked back, not only has it has improved my condition immensely but I love the fact I feel so relaxed and refreshed when I leave.


Attending Salts of the Earth for Sinus problems and finding noticeable relief. Highly recommend. 


Great place, lovely people, relaxing and as a bonus my sinus improves with every visit.


I have been attending Salt Therapy now for almost 4 months, I cannot express how much this has helped me in so many ways. The Salt has helped clear a chest infection, clear my sinus and helped me breathe and relax. This is the first year I have not required medicine, it is truly amazing.


have been doing Salt Therapy for 3.5 years +. I initially went for ongoing chronic sinus and allergies which I was previously treating with steroids and endless antibiotics. I noticed a change in 2 weeks and have since taken my daughter for her eczema. The staff are friendly, welcoming and have a genuine concern for the wellbeing of their clients.


My ezcema that I normally get, particularly on my forehead is gone and my sinus has settled. Not only that you get to relax in a massage chair, listen to calming background music or do your own thing.


The salt therapy has given me relief with my sinus by removing sinus headaches, removing mucous build up and reducing my cough by 90%. By attending 3 days per week for 45 minute sessions in a recliner with music and massage is very therapeutic which places me in a more relaxed state. With improvement in my health and being in a more relaxed state with improved breathing is giving me more quality of life.


Salt therapy has been amazing in helping me manage my eczema. It has removed all the angry, red skin that is usually constant for me. I truly believe the therapy has helped reduce flare ups.


Felix’s eczema started appearing when he was about 6 months old. Initially it was just a little rash that seemed to be caused by his constant dribbling, but it soon turned raw, red, flaky and very painful. We initially started with 2-3 sessions per week for a couple of months, after which we noticed a huge improvement. 

Jane – Mother of Felix

Every session I see my psoriasis retreating and me leaving feeling relaxed and happy. Keep up the good work.


My skin is the best it's been in years! Staff are friendly and professional. Absolutely love my sessions here.


My twin boys have always had chronic runny noses from allergies, one with terrible eczema as well. Within a week or so of going twice a week, their runny noses improved and eczema started to dissipate! The staff are lovely and it’s a great environment too.


I have spent thousands of dollars on dermatologist and psoriasis clinics with little to no results. One of my friends suggest I try salt therapy. After three weeks the new psoriasis was completely gone and I was no longer itchy. My long-term psoriasis took longer - after 12 weeks of coming to salt therapy regularly it has completely disappeared.


My daughter had some eczema on her legs which has cleared up since we started coming regularly. I highly recommend Salts of the Earth.


For as long as I can remember I have suffered from eczema.  At times I have managed the condition with diet and cortisone and non-cortisone creams. The natural, relaxing salt rooms have relieved the irritating symptoms of eczema.  My condition has greatly improved since being introduced to the salt rooms.


My psoriasis has nearly cleared on my arms, legs and torso. It’s gone from my hair line and behind my ears. It no longer hurts to lean on a table or bump my legs.


I'm 43 years young and I have suffered with eczema all my life. Finding out about Salt Therapy has changed my life. My eczema has virtually all but gone. Would recommend to all walks of life - take a punt and it may just be a life changing remedy for you too.


This is my second week I have been coming every day to help my eczema. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin and also improved sleep.


Love salts of the earth, they are fantastic and the staff are very friendly and it’s always clean and it’s definitely helped with my psoriasis.


Have really enjoyed my sessions since starting at Salts of the Earth 6 weeks ago. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my skin. The staff are gorgeous and love using their products as well.


Having suffered with Eczema for over 30 years, my skin is always dry and irritated. After using the magnesium spray and having salt sessions twice a week, my skin is now the best it has ever been. I recommend salt therapy to everyone I speak to.


Having tried to get my 16mo daughter's eczema under control since birth, I was willing to try anything.  The difference was remarkable. My daughter's skin is now the best it has ever been with a balance of salt room visits and using salt purchased from Salts of the Earth in her bath. Everyone is commenting...that says a lot.


I have suffered from eczema my whole life. With regular visits and salt baths I have been able to keep my eczema under control. Salts of the Earth has given me such relief with my skin, I could not recommend anything better. 


I have had eczema since I was six months old. My mum discovered Salts of the Earth a few and we signed up to a management plan. I personally believe that this has done my skin wonders! Within three months I was standing comfortably again and I could see that my body was slowly getting better. I am now at almost month seven and I am probably close to being fully healed. Thank you so much for making me feel normal again!


Friendly, informative staff. Relaxed salt room. The treatment had really helped my husband to sleep better as well as cleared out his sinuses.


Love it !!! sooo relaxing and having the best nights sleep in a long time. My hayfever is awesome since going too. Beautifully set out and done, lovely staff, well priced. Highly recommend this place.


I have been taking my son for a couple of months now and I love it. I have noticed a big difference in my son’s health and well-being, he sleeps better at night and looks a lot healthier.


I’m sleeping a lot better and did have trouble with my skin which has improved a lot.


I feel so much better, my nose has cleared, and I now breathe a lot better, and after every session I always have a very good, peaceful sleep. 


Absolutely Loved it! So relaxing and having the best night sleep in a long time. Highly recommend.


Love this place. I so look forward to going every session. It has helped with my sleep and sinuses. Thankyou Salts of the Earth.


Highly recommend. Our son started sleeping so much better after 3 sessions and my troublesome sinuses have been great since attending too. We love coming along as relaxing family time.


I took my son along who had some great results with any colds clearing within a couple of days. Within a couple of weeks of going he also stopped snoring and hasn't snored since. The staff are exceptional, warm and friendly making it a place we really enjoyed visiting.


Professional and friendly service, very happy I decided to give this a go. Great place to unwind for an hour, helped massively for my sleep and energy levels.


Salt Therapy has helped our family sleep through the night with no coughing. We love coming and the staff are wonderful.


My respiratory system, sleep, recovery and overall health has dramatically improved. Staff really care and look after you. Highly recommend giving salts a go!


We are now in our 4th week and loving it. The staff are always lovely and helpful and so beautiful towards my daughter. She loves being here and her breathing has gotten much better and she's up a lot less threw the nights. Plus my skin is looking amazing.


I recently started Salt Therapy daily for a chest infection. Within a week my chest and sinuses are clearer. The added bonus is I'm now sleeping through the night, I feel less tired and function better during the day. I love coming and look forward to each session.


I commenced a number of sessions in May. Most weeks I have managed 3 sessions in both the Adults and Private rooms. By mid-June I had a review with my GP and he said that my lungs were the clearest they have been for several years! My sleep is now not disturbed by coughing and I am not breathless during normal activities.


After only a few of sessions I was sleeping better, breathing easier and my "smokers cough" had gotten better - within a couple of months it had actually gone and it hasn't returned. While the physical health benefits are amazing I also found that the sessions are good for my mental health. I can sit in the lovely massage chairs, close my eyes and just relax. This in turn gives me more energy and a better sense of wellness so that I can give more to what I am doing.


I decided to try Salts when a friend bought me home a pamphlet. I had been suffering from hay fever symptoms for a number of years and has the usual symptoms of itchy eyes, nose and throat. I coughed continuously at night and took sleeping pills to get a bit of sleep. I was always tired! Since my second treatment my sinuses have cleared and I am sleeping at least seven hours per night. No medication!  The relaxation in the massage chair is marvellous, that alone would bring me back.


I wanted to trial Salts of the Earth it to see whether it could improve my asthma and sleeping (or lack thereof!). I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing, I didn't have to use my puffer so frequently whilst playing sport and I can honestly say that I have such a deep sleep after every session which I never expected! The good night sleep is worth it every time!


I sleep easier and am relaxed and energetic. I signed up my son, wife and mother as well. All positive results within weeks. What surprised us the most was how our little boy Christian's snoring went away after one week of Salt Therapy. He struggled to breathe while sleeping and is now at ease.


Prior to attending Salts of the Earth I had a continuous nasal drip down the back of my throat, was a constant snorer and a restless sleeper. In just over 4 weeks of attending for regular sessions my nasal drip has completely gone, my wife informs me that my snoring has diminished substantially and I have enjoyed some of the best sleep in many years.


I decided to join Salts of the Earth as I was constantly having a blocked nose and always suffered from sinusitis where antibiotics would be needed at least once a year. My husband also complained I was snoring more and more! I noticed after the first week my breathing was definitely better. It was so nice to be able to breathe out of my nose.